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Municipal Media Services, LLC

Municipal Media Services is a sizable multimedia company that specializes in all audio visual, broadcast & video production services. With well over 35 years of experience, our teams are dedicated to helping Governments, Municipalities,Townships and Corporations get their message out to broadcast media. Our ability to setup onsite or mobile, allows us to provide our customer with the exact service needed for handling live programming, point to point distribution, post production and online streaming. We are also experienced in Audiovisual support, Sound Reinforcement, Commercials, PSAs, Documentaries, Communications consulting, Public Relations, Photography, Promotions, E-learning, Curriculum development, Continuing education, Location scouting and Talent scouting. Some of our customers include the City of Alexandria, Washington Council of Governments, Bowie State University, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Alexandria City Public Schools.


With well over 35 years of  experience in the communications field, our teams at Municipal Media Services have led it to where it is today...



“We're a sizable multimedia company. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them!

Municipal Media Services

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